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"12 Months of Flowers"


  1. Each card can only be redeemed once a month. If the cardholder misses a month, that bouquet for the month will be forfeited. NO EXCEPTIONS (A customer cannot get 2+ months worth of $6.25 bouquets, past or future, in a single redemption.)
  2. The card must be present and shown at the time of redemption.
  3. We are unable to replace lost, destroyed or stolen cards.
  4. Cardholders may add additional flowers to the wrap at an additional charge.
  5. We do not delivery the flowers; they must be picked up in our shops.
  6. The bouquet of flowers comes wrapped; a vase is NOT included but is available for purchase.

If you have any questions, or if you are interested in participating, please stop in or give us a call at 231-796-8683.

As a locally owned and operated company since 1952, we love the opportunity to support the communities that have supported us over the years. We've developed a great opportunity for various types of groups to raise money by offering a great product at an exceptional value!

How it Works

The "12 Months of Flowers" card allows each cardholder to present their card in one of our 3 locations in exchange for a wrapped bouquet of fresh, seasonal flowers! Each wrap bouquet is a $6.25 value and is available any day of each month. Each card carries a value of $75.00 but is sold for only $30.00! $10.00, or 33%, of each card sold goes directly to the fundraising group. The card will expire one year from the first month of redemption, NOT from the card purchase date.

To Participate

  1. The fundraising group will estimate how many cards will be sold. Extra cards can be printed at any time. The maximum printed at one time is 50 cards. The fundraising group will be responsible for all the cards printed. The cards WILL NOT be purchased by the fundraising group when they pick them up. We ask that you do not lose any unsold cards and return them to us. Any unreturned cards will be deemed as "sold" and you will be responsible for $20.00 of each missing card.
  2. After the agreed upon sale period is over, the fundraising group will return the unsold cards along with $20.00 for each card sold. Please bring one check (payable to Patterson's Flowers) along with any unsold cards. Cash is also accepted, please no credit cards. The sale period is flexible and can be extended.
  3. The customer will then present the card at any time during normal business hours at any of our locations and will be given a wrapped bouquet. The sales associate will enter the date of redemption on the card. The card will expire 1 year from the month of the first redemption, NOT from the month in which the card was purchased. The bouquet does NOT include a vase.