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****Local Delivery Only**** The Tye Dye Rose in a new rose variety developed exclusively in Holland. The colors come from a unique patented color injection system. Patterson''s Flowers is very proud to offer this unique rose to our customers.

The color selection of the roses will vary with each shipment. Available in a budvase as a single, double or triple, or arranged in a vase with greens and accent flower in 6 and 12 stem designs. Add one to a selection of your choice for $7.99 per rose.

  • All prices in USD ($)

  • TYE 1-Vased


  • TYE 2-Vased


  • TYE 3-Vased


  • TYE 6-Vased


  • TYE 12-Vased


TYE 1-Vased - $16.99

TYE 2-Vased - $23.99

TYE 3-Vased - $29.99

TYE 6-Vased - $54.99

TYE 12-Vased - $99.99